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Monday, October 1, 2012


First off, do you not just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this girls hair? I told her over and over during our shoot together how much I loved the colors and tones within her hair-do. It totally ROCKED and she wore it sooooooo well.

We had a fun and rustic location to work with on this shoot - one that I like to call "Grungey." If you know me or my style of photography well enough, you'll know that I love to shoot high school seniors in grunge type environments. Throw in some good trash cans, dumpsters, or even port-a-lets in the backdrop and I'm a happy girl. The more natural the grunge of the environment, the better in my opinion. I love that stuff!!!

Add in some graffiti and I'm an even happier girl. LOL!

I love any location that is different and unique. I strive to make your images very different from the last. It's a constant job - findling locations that will ROCK for the next client. However, it's part of the job that I love A LOT! Location scouting is half the fun in this business. The other fun part is getting to know my clients and establishing these long lasting relationships with them.

We've embarked upon my busiest season of the year. From October thru January, I work like a mad woman. Southwest Florida has lots of tourists in town during this particular time of the year whom book wanting beach sessions for the holidays and my local clients have sessions booked for their Christmas cards. It's a great position to be in but one that leaves limited sessions for those out there still looking to book with me. If you're wanting on my calendar, give me a call as soon as you can and we'll work to make it happen. I'm already booking into January with select few dates left in between now and then. I'm heading out on a much needed vacation with my family (stay tuned for personal photos to come) on October 13th thru the 21st. If you should try to reach me during that week, I'll have limited phone & email access while I'm away but I'll be doing my best to return your call or email as soon as I'm in an area where I can. I'll be back in the studio come the 22nd with bells on. :)

XOXO, Angie

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