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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Did you know that Angie Seaman Photography also offers corporate and executive headshots for professionals in the area? Yeap, we do. We specialize in what we consider environmental lifestyle corporate headshots. What that means is that we come to you - on location - and capture you in a setting that best reflects your corporate image. If you're a doctor, we can capture you in a setting that represents your career. If you're a lawyer, a realtor, etc., we can place you in a setting with a background that is fresh and modern in comparison to those same old cookie cutter backgrounds that we're used to seeing with corporate headshots. You know...the boring old backgrounds that look like our elementary school photos always did in front of the blue, gray, brown, or black backdrop??? Yeah...those. We make it our job to capture your images in front of any location you should prefer. Don't have a location? We can suggest some for you. It doesn't have to be an indoor setting. We live in paradise, remember? There are plenty of areas to take your portraits outdoors that reflect a scenic and beautiful background rather than those traditional ones that are so mundane and old school.

If you're in need of updating your business cards, letterhead, email signature photo, your website, blog, etc., and need a new and up-to-date portrait of yourself...give us a call. We'll make it happen!

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Susie Hasty said...

Well I wish you were here in Indy, I'm sure all the Doctors at IU health would love to have you take their photos for their business cards,