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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Do you have a group of friends whom would LOVE to learn how to take better photographs of their children or whom would love to learn how to use the bells and whistles on their cameras a little better? Do you have friends who would love to have a girls night and get together over refreshments, drinks, and great desserts? If so, let Angie Seaman Photography know. We offer "Moms with Cameras" classes where I actually come to your home (with five or more participants) and show you guys the ins and outs of basic photography as well as how to use those awesome DSLR's that you own. If you'd like to host one of the Moms with cameras parties, we'll make it happen. Feel free to email me directly at anytime should you have any questions.

On another note, I've been meaning to mention this to everyone and keep forgetting. Do you have a senior that will be graduation this year and you're planning to put an ad in their yearbook? How about an ad for your 8th graders yearbook as they graduate from junior high? Well...if so, we create those ads for you. If you've worked with Angie Seaman Photography on images recently, we can use those images as well as older images from when they were younger to create a unique and very personalized ad for your student. The above example was done for an 8th grader. Her parents wanted an ad for her yearbook and we designed the layout for her using one of the images we'd taken at an earlier shoot as well as two images from the families stash when she was a toddler. If you need help creating a way cool ad for your child that they WON'T be embarassed of, give us a call. :)

Speaking of cool is this new product???

All of our Senior high school clients and their families love these viewers. Yeap, they are just like the ones we had as kids only this time they have your very own images inside them. How fun! Make sure to ask about these when placing your order with Angie Seaman Photography. We've got the RAD-EST products on the block! PS...These also make great fun for the little ones or a fun gift for your husband/significant other following your special boduoir session.

Due to the fact that the latest Apple laptops and computers have done away with disc drives, we have now made the decision to move any digital files over to a jump drive for you. What that means is that when you purchase digital image files from us or when you purchase our platinum collection which comes with an entire disc of images from your session, those images will all be placed on a custom jump drive for you now rather than on a disc/CD/DVD. We are following the way of the world and realizing that the DVD's are becoming extinct - slowly but surely - just as cassette tapes did at one time. We hope that you find our product line not only colorful and fun but top of the line when it comes to our brand and the latest and greatest options out there. We keep our customer products modern and of the highest quality.

Lastly, I'm heading out on a much needed vacation with my family come this Friday. I'll be out of the office with very limited email access from October 12th thru October 21st. If you're trying to reach me, feel free to email me or call us and leave a message. We'll return your call and your email just as soon as technology in the areas we are in will allow us. We'll be back shooting and in the office again come Monday, October 22nd. Until then, we'll be doing this...

Thank you for your patience as we enjoy a wonderful trip as a family as well as with my parents who are flying into Florida (from Indiana) this Friday to join us on the Disney Fantasy Cruise. I'm ready to go veg out and explore my creative juices while regrouping on this GRAND ship in the Caribbean. :) Have a wonderful week!

Blessings, Angie

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