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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I get asked a lot if I do sessions for aspiring models. The answer is "Heck yeah!" I offer a comp card package for those individuals in the fashion or model industry wishing to further their dreams or career. I love working with models because they are willing to go along with just about any crazy idea that is thrown their way. This particular shoot was done in an abandoned office building. A building that was several floors high yet the construction had been halted on it. It was completely empty inside with the exception of the random supplies that had been left behind. Needless to say, we put that to good use...

You know how much I love some dirt, some grime, some grunge, and everything in between. Well this location was perfect for the theme of what we were after. At one point, two police officers literally drove into the bottom half of this warehouse/building and sat there for quite a while. Thankfully, they never arrested us for trespassing. In fact, they never even said a word to us about being in there. It was our lucky day. :)

We worked hard for the set up of this reflection shot...

This model knows how to ROCK the poses. She never had to be told what to do or how to do it. In fact, she showed us up with some new tricks...

And the events that went down in order to accomplish these ladder images...well...I'll just let your imagination run wild on that one. Of course the model made it look like a breeze. Such a natural. Lots of team effort to say the least.

This shoot was a great time. I enjoyed every minute of it. It helps when you have a client willing to step out of the box with you and take on a RAD location such as this one which isn't the most "fun" when it comes to the bottom line. It might be an ugly spot but her beauty made it gorgeous. The best part of photography is how you can mix such mediums and end up with a fabulous outcome such as this. The challenge is turning something someone else would consider dreadful (i.e. the location) into something that looks totally awesome when all is said and done.

A big thanks to everyone who helped make this one happen...

Have a ROCK STAR type day. Until the next way cool collection of fun...stay bold and have fun in whatever it is you're doing in life.

"A lack of passion is fatal." ~Unknown

Much love, Angie

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Candice Smith said...

Sorry if this posted twice, google was having issues signing me on to leave my original comment.

I agree with you 100% on turning something hideous (i.e location) into something truly stunning in photograph. It's proof that both you and the model are great at what you do. I'm also surprised to learn that the cops didn't at least approach you to find out what was going on, or to scare/warn you away from the site. When I first saw the images on your facebook (I think), it was the first thing I wondered about...after how gorgeous the images were, of course! Glad you didn't get into trouble though 'cause this shoot turned out amazing.

--Candice Smith