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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Aside from family and children's portraiture, corporate head shots, and shooting models, I also have the honor of being hired to show up and photograph really cool events at really cool places with really cool people. Just reason number 12,678 why I love my job. I was recently hired to photograph a 40th birthday bash at a beautiful beach house. I got to work with my sweet friends from Detailz Events and Embellish Party Rentals for the evening. I loved that they were there because their detailed additions to the party made for a great canvas for me to photograph.

Many of you might not know that one of my favorite things to photograph are details. I love product shoots and shoots where I'm hired to document the little things of the evening that add up to a whole lot of BIG-NESS for the night. This party was no different. The birthday girl was as sweet as can be and I loved being able to document her evening. Although I'm keeping their intimate images of friends and family for them and only them of this particular night, I did want to share the detail shots and the environment in general.

As you can see, the women of Detailz Events ROCKED the night with their talents. How gorgeous is this set up?

The look of the party had beautiful clean lines. Very chic'! The beach house is located right on the gulf here in Naples - just one block south of the Naples Pier. I will also mention that this beach home is available for rent should you ever have an event that needs a good host home. The backyard views were impeccable - even on a rainy evening...

By the grace of God, the rain stopped at the beginning of the party and the night proved to be perfect for the birthday girl and their 40 guests.

The chef and his crew were phenomenal as well. Look at the starter course that they guests got to the colors...

As the sun began to set and night fell, the beach home turned into an even more magical place.

As the evening progressed on, I found myself out in the backyard listening to the clammer of the waves hitting the shoreline and the chatting amongst the very happy party goers. I stopped at one point and had to thank God for giving me such an awesome job. It's not a "job" to me. It's my passion. Photography is deeply therapeutic to me. Add in the way cool clients, the way cool locations I get to shoot at, and the way cool vendors/friends I've met while networking at certain events and I suddenly am reminded how fortunate I am yet again. I have a massive list of reasons to be extremely grateful for the job God has laid in my lap. One of the biggest reasons to be grateful is because I'm helping to document beautiful moments for beautiful people such as this client who celebrated the night away with her closest and dearest friends for her 40th. I'm helping to build memories via photographs. I could you not love your job when it looks like this on the other side of your lens??? The beach house sliding doors were slid open...the DJ playing was playing only 80's music the whole night, the moon and the stars were shining over the gulf of Mexico with fierce intensity, and I had a crazy cool crowd to share all of the beauty with.

Have I mentioned that I love my job???


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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh ... gorgeous!! Congrats Angie!! And thanks for taking us along on your ride!!

deb williams