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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I worked with a beautiful girl a couple of weeks ago on a rustic nautical themed model shoot. It was a blast to say the least. We did an early morning shoot near lots of water in very humid heat. In turn, we got ate alive in a very short time period by "no-see-ums." (basically like mosquitoes here in Florida) Those suckers can attack you in mere seconds and before you know it, you look like you have the chicken pox EVERYWHERE! They're bad! Even with the dreaded bites, the shoot ROCKED! Gabriella needs no introduction. She is clearly stunning...

At times during the shoot we had an overcast cloudy sky but at other moments...the sun was out in full force. No matter what the sky gave us...we made it work.

The location I chose for this shoot worked out perfectly to fit the nautical theme. I had never been to this spot before this day - it was referred to me by a friend. I'm so thankful she lead me to it because it was GRAND with a capital "G!"

I adore these close ups of Gabriella. Did I mention how beautiful she is??? If I didn't, have a looksie for yourself...

Thank you for allowing me the time to work with you Gabriella. The session was FAB!!! Keep in touch as you travel back to Colorado. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your summer.

Big hugs, Angie

PS...I apologize for the "soft" looking images here on blogger lately. For some reason blogger is having issues again with making pictures looked blurred once uploaded onto their sites. It drives me crazy. Please bare with us. Hopefully the problem will resolve itself soon. Rest assured, these images are crisp, sharp, and clear in real life. :)

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