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Monday, April 11, 2011


I had the pleasure of photographing an adorable little girl named Isabel this weekend. Her and her Mom drove all the way over to Naples from the East Coast of Florida for our session together. Isabel is seven years old but in a photographers world, she is wise and mature beyond her years. She ROCKED the shoot and was such a natural. As you can see from her images, the child is gorgeous!

It always helps too when you have a Mother who knows how to ROCK out her little girls outfit choices too. Isabel's Mom was a real pro at the style part. Way to go Mom!
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Christina and Isabel and am so honored that they would drive all that way for a session with me. I can't wait to work my way thru the rest of the session with Isabel so that I can see the rest of her amazing images/looks. We changed outfits three times during her shoot and her hair changed as well - thanks to her Mom who knows how to ROCK out some hair styles too. I could have shot with her all day had we been blessed with the time. :) Thank you Christina and Isabel. It was great spending the morning with you. Isabel, thanks for making my photography work look so beautiful. You are gorgeous sweetie! :)

xoxo, Angie

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Dita said...

Love all the gorgeous colors, Angie...and this little Miss is one heartbreaker!