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Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've had many of you blog readers ask for shells from here in Southwest, Florida. For those who've asked, I've gone shelling to pick them out and then those who want them have paid for the shipping costs to ship them from here to their particular state. While I had another set out today getting them ready to ship, I thought I'd take some pictures of them just for the fun of it.

These particular shells came from Sanibel Island. My Mom and I walked on the beach over there one day and we grabbed these as we walked.

Sanibel is known for their "shelling." They have gorgeous shells over there - pretty good sized ones too.

Of course we found some coral pieces too.

I love the way my 105mm macro lens just picks up every little minor detail of these shells. You can almost feel the grit of the sand still on them.

I found this one (below) still in tact and connected...two halves still attached...

And this shot's my new fav. Again, the detail that the macro lens provides is nothing short of amazing.

And oh yeah...I forgot to mention that we found some dead star fish on that walk too. I decided to bring them home for Brennen (my son) to see. No...I didn't ship these to my blog readers with their shells. LOL! I did take photos of them though. How cool is this??? (below)

And this last one...another one of my favs...

Hoping that the receiver of this package of shells loves them. They sure were fun to find and collect. Any afternoon in the sand, sun, and surf makes for tons of fun though. :)

xoxo, Angie


carriescruggs said...

Nice macro work! They look great!

Nathan said...

Beautiful shots!

JadeDragon said...

awesome shots. Sabibel Island rocks. Do you sell your work?