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Monday, February 1, 2010


It just recently dawned on me that I hadn't yet blogged one of my sessions from back in Indiana. Thought I should get on that...LOL! Here is a sneak peek.

This guy - we'll call "G man." With G man's look and his ability to stay focused in front of the camera, he makes for a great model.

I love how he can give that GQ look and make it work...

We had a little fun at the end of the session and he gave me some poses. He had me crackin' up...

Smiles don't get any more adorable than this one...

What a natural. Thanks "G man" for allowing me to play a part in this session with you. A big thanks to your Mamma as well. Congrats on the news of your new sister or brother to be coming in July. How exciting!

xoxo, Angie


OUR WILD ZOO said...

Just wanted to check in and say HI! I'm one of your old photography students- wait I'm not "old"- but I took it back in September =) I just have to tell you that you really helped kickstart my passion in photography. I was having a bit of postpartum when I decided to do something for myself and dust off my camera/take your class. Thank you for all your encouragement and help, it's been an amazing journey for me and I'm continuing forward with it! You're awesome and such an inspiration to me. Looking forward to new house, family pics too. I always loved seeing your decorating style as well. Is there an area you don't excel in? Geesh =) Just wondrin! Have a fab week.

carriescruggs said...

Ang these all look FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! What a great subject too! Love his red hair!

Tonya said...

totally recognize this guy...leah's boy? I linked here from somewhere random?

I remember when we all used to do the ebay thing together...:)

How is your daughter doing?