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Monday, November 2, 2009


Umm...yeah...Brennen thinks he pretty much ROCKS now that he is sporting the front side of Mom's laptop. This nifty little attachment is causing quite the stir when in public - for all of the fellow Starbucks customers, airplane/airport guests, etc. to see. Great - simple - & extremely easy advertising. We love it around here. Kenidi is a bit perturbed that she isn't sporting the cover of Mommy's laptop though so we are working on getting a picture of the two of them together. If both of them would ever cooperate at the same time for a photograph, that might be an option. So far we are striking out - repeatedly - with our attempts. Better luck next time. Famous last words. Until then, Brennen is the sole "ROCK STAR" for now. :-)

Much love, Angie

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