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Sunday, February 17, 2013


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I was referred to the "M" family by a fellow Hoosier. They are from the Indy area and scheduled a session with me based off the referral they received. I always love getting referrals from past clients. I also love being a family beach photographer here in the Naples, Florida area because it brings lots of tourists from my old stomping grounds (Indiana). It truly means the world to me that clients are out there promoting me and sending others my way. It's the best form of "thank you" you could ever give.

I had such fun with this family. They brought their family pet along and he was a real trooper. Although the sea salt air had him sneezing up a storm, we still managed to get some great shots with him looking at us.

 photo ASP_1588_zps907bdd21.jpg

I clicked some fabulous captures of their son and daughter too. They were quite the photogenic group.

 photo ASP_1486_zps03e10000.jpg

Mom wanted some of the kids by themselves as well but only their daughter would agree. She was a pro and a gorgeous one at that...

 photo ASP_1538_zpsb5c1735e.jpg

 photo ASP_1541_zps2a1cf77d.jpg

 photo ASP_1554_zpsbd62e072.jpg

 photo ASP_1556_zpscf907f00.jpg

We had a real hazy day on this particular day but it made for some stunning lighting. I love sun flare. Love, love, love it. She reminded me of a girl straight off the Cali beaches here.

 photo ASP_1543_zps385fe304.jpg

I always force the parents for some one on one images with the two of them also. These two were very willing. Others aren't usually so game. :) Beautiful couple.

 photo ASP_1520_zpsc7c18392.jpg

It was another gorgeous evening on the beaches of Naples and I was honored to have been given the opportunity to document and capture another gorgeous family in the process.

 photo ASP_1571_zps85f3b092.jpg

Thank you "M" family. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you guys.

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