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Monday, February 14, 2011


I had a boat load of fun photographing fellow photographer and friend, Rochelle and her fiance, Chris for their engagement session recently. They had me cracking up the entire time. And the best part, her soon to be husband ROCKED this session like a real pro. If there is one thing I detest, it's when I photograph men and they whine like babies during our session together. Ninety percent of the men I work with hate getting family portraits taken. You generally have to beg them to smile or at least fake it as best they can. It's extremely frustrating! However, with this shoot, Chris and Rochelle laughed together and genuinely had a great time with one another. It was so refreshing compared to the normal mans reaction. So...big kudos to Chris and his superb attitude during the shoot. :)

The location where we shot the session was crazy busy. There were people all over the place. People walking, people driving past us, people looking out the windows in restaurants, etc. We didn't have any privacy whatsoever. You can imagine the onlookers when the shot below played out in the grass. We gave them something to talk about - fo' sho'!

The awesome thing about the southern tip of Florida is that it is warm and colorful here year round. Case in point with the flowers behind them below...GAW-JUS!

Living in a tropical climate and being able to shoot year round AND have your clients lay in green grass any month of the year is da' bomb!

We were loosing light fast here in the shot below but it still made for a cozy image...

This corridor with the lights at this particular location just ROCKS!

Oooohhhhhh the smooches! :)

I'm known for never leaving a photo shoot without at least one shot of the shoes. These red mama jammas were no different. They were begging for "their" moment. As my friend Megan said, I owed it to the shoes to photograph them. LOL!

Love that her Rock and Republic jeans were stitched in red to match the shoes. Can someone say total RADNESS???

A little dippity doo and some more laughin' too! One of our photographer friends coined this laugh below the "JC Penny ad laugh." When we are trying to get someone to smile, we tell them to do the JC Penny laugh. Once we explain it to them, it eventually works like a charm. Ha ha!

Rochelle and Chris are a gorgeous couple. Stunning is more like it. I couldn't have taken a bad photo of them had I tried. Not possible. Totally adorable!

Thank you Chris and Rochelle for being such troopers during our time together. I know without a shadow of a doubt that your wedding is going to be beautiful! :)

If any of the rest of you out there have a need for a photography session, call or email me now. My schedule is booked out like crazy and continues to keep filling up like a spreading wild fire. Spring break dates are going, going, .....

xoxo, Angie

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