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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I got the wonderful honor of working with a family for a shoot on the beach a couple of weeks back. They were actually visiting family in Venice beach, Florida but made the trek and hour and 40 minutes South to Naples where I reside. I was so giddy to work with this family because they were nothing short of fantastic. Can everyone say ADORABLE??? The fact that they drove that far South for a session with me made me love them all that much more. Brownie points. Lots of them. LOL!

Their children were perfection. They were the best clients. They did everything I asked of them and then some. I love those type of sessions. Cute kids who obey the photographer...SCORE! :)

The evening we did their session was so quirky. One minute it was cloudy and wanting to rain and the next minute it was sunny. I prayed and prayed that Mother Nature wouldn't rain us out that night beings that they drove so far to get to me. Thankfully, we had a gorgeous backdrop on the beach. No rain whatsoever. Just beautiful golden light and bright vivid colors.

Moms...take note. I get calls all of the time with questions on what to dress their kiddo's in for a photo shoot. I am constantly telling parents...BRIGHT COLORS! Bright colors make the shoot pop and really add "life" to the kids as well. This particular mom nailed it. I told her I loved fuchsia and turquoise together. She heeded my advice and wa-lah...there is amazing color throughout their entire session. I couldn't have asked for better clients. Really!

I loved working with you guys. Thank you Michelle for allowing me the opportunity to meet your family and share in such an awesome photo shoot with your gorgeous kids.

I had a blast with you guys!!!

If you'll be in town visiting the Southwest Florida area for vacation or are a local and would like to book a beach session for your family, look me up. I'd love to work with you as well. To book a shoot with me, you can email me directly at

Blessings, Angie

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MWeyer said...

Oh I just saw this blog post! Thank you so much for the gorgeous pictures! They will be treasured for many years to come! Your creativity and artistic nature are the reasons why people drive so far to see you! You are truly wonderful! Now, the hard part....which photos am I going to choose!