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Monday, September 20, 2010


I had the fun opportunity to shoot with a young girl in the studio the other day and here are just a few sneak peeks for her and her family.

Can someone say "knock out eyes?" Awesomeness!

Miss "L" was extremely nervous for the shoot but she knocked it out of the park...

And you know how much I love "color," right? Therefore, when she walked out in this adorable little number, my heart was happy. The colors in her tights were so perfect! And beings that my favorite color of all time is turquoise, she really had me jumping up and down with joy. :)

A huge thank you to Miss "L" for allowing me to work with her. We had a blast!

On a side note, these next couple of weeks are the last 2 weeks to sign up for my online beginner photography class. It will be the last online beginner class I offer for this year due to my upcoming maternity leave. Class begins on October 4th. I won't be offering this particular class again until 2011. There are some seats remaining if you'd like to join us. Feel free to visit my website for more details. (click on the "classes" page) XOXO, Angie

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Anonymous said...

Wow! She looks dressed and ready for the party! I agree--LOVE the colors!

Awesome Job!