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Monday, April 12, 2010


There is nothing I love more than continuing education when it comes to photography. Even though I teach classes myself, photography leaves you with an opportunity to learn more on every given day. No one ever "knows it all" in the realm of photography. There is always something new to learn. Always. Take this food photography class that I attended today for example. I have fun taking photos of products - especially food. I think product photography is near and dear to my heart because I had to learn how to "sell my designs" via photographs when it comes to my Angelica Grace line. I began to fall in love with product photography not only with my clothing designs but mainly with my jewelry collection. Therefore, food falls along that same category with "products." I love the color in food and I love shooting food in different angles to give it more character.

This class today was taught by a published food photographer who definitely knew his stuff. He taught us all kinds of secrets, tips, and tricks when it comes to getting the most out of food images. It was a tad bit different than my portrait and landscape photography that I'm normally used to. However, it was great fun to learn new things.

I love this photography club that I'm involved in here in Naples. Indiana definitely needed something like this. Aside from the awesome classes like this one that they consistently offer, the club here in Naples has been great in aiding & establishing new friendships for me since moving to Florida. I love knowing and interacting with other people who are passionate about photography. Not only does it connect you with them because you have something in common but it is also a great way to learn from one another. The photography world is very competitive, very territorial, and extremely cut throat. It's nice to surround yourself with professionals whom are there to just help each other. I'm loving this club and the new knowledge & friendships I'm gaining from being involved with it.

Much gratitude, Angie

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