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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's that time again! The next Angie Seaman Photography online workshop will begin on September 1st. Our first class was a huge success and I couldn't be more proud of the graduates. They did a fabulous job over the 4 week class and really impressed me with their talents by the time the class had ended. In fact, here are some reviews of the class and what a few of them thought in regard to the workshop in general...


"Simply stated, this class was priceless. Angie has a unique way of explaining photography terms in everyday language that is easily understood. She is open and honest in the way she approaches photography. And she is encouraging and extremely "hands on" through out the entire class. The class forum is unlike any other I've ever been apart of. It's simple and easy to use. Angie invites questions of all sorts and answers them completely for each student. Angie Seaman is very gifted and artisic. She loves art, she loves life, and she loves sharing with the world through her pictures. Above all else, I've learned that "beauty is in the eye of she who holds the camera!!" ~Amanda in Texas

"This class ROCKS, as Angie would say!!! I have a Nikon D60, and have for the last year, I learned more about the options/menus of my camera in the first week, than the entire time i owned it!! I was able to tackle things, that I would have not tried, and really enjoyed it!! Angie is a great teacher, she is easy to communicate with and speaks in "human" terms, when it comes to teaching.. I was very happy taking this class, it is has been a great experience and very rewarding!! I am even more addicted to my camera than I was before, and I actually know how to use it, now!! Haha!" ~Christina in California

"Angie Seaman really knows her photography! She is a passionate teacher who is able to connect with all of her students. The forum is well organized and easy to use. I highly recommend taking this class. It is truly a gift that I have given myself. I encourage you to give yourself the same gift and sign-up for Angie's photography class! You are an amazing teacher and I love how you take complicated topics and turn it into manageable chunks for beginners to understand. I enjoy reading your writing and your personal photography is beautiful. I love how this class was organized as well. You can tell that you put a lot of time and effort into this class. Thank you very much! I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone. Plus, I can't wait to take other classes that you offer. I will continue to be a loyal reader of your blog and I am always available to give feedback to potential clients or customers." ~Bernie in Maryland

"I don't know if I can sum up how wonderful this class was in only a few sentences...I'll try. This photography class was hands down amazing! I was a little hesitant to sign-up for an online class thinking, how much can I really learn through the internet?, but I totally proved myself wrong with how much I have walked away with. Before I was terrified of every button on my DSLR and now with Angie's stellar lessons and consistent feedback I feel more confident in capturing our life's important moments. Thanks again Angie...please keep me on your e-mail list if you should do a next level up class (okay you have to do pressure)." ~Meg in Texas


If you are ready for a basic, beginner, photography class...go HERE to sign up. Once there, click on "portraiture," then on "classes." From there, you can walk thru the registration process. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me at There are only 20 spaces available. The class sold out within approximately 48 hours last time. If you want in, now is your chance. We'd love to have you. PS...You can have a point and shoot camera or a DSLR for this class. Either one is fine.

Blessings, Angie

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Michelle said...

I will be signing up for the class tomorrow. I can't wait to finally learn something about my camera!