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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Why I do it?
I've almost forgotten what the world looks like without a lens in front of it. I basically came out of the womb with a camera in hand and it's been there ever since. Photography has always been my passion. I live it, breathe it, eat it, and sleep it. My camera and my lenses are like an appendage of me. Without them, I am lost. Literally! When it comes to my favorite accessory item of choice, my favorite necklace so to speak, it is and always has been my camera strap. I see the world completely different from behind a lens. As a photographer, I notice things I would've never noticed before. And in truth, I find that I'm always "mentally" photographing everything I see. Photography just gets to me. When I'm shooting, I feel strong and alive. I feel bold and creative. Challenged yet accomplished. I'm a photographer because I'm obsessed with capturing life in frames. A little OCD about it even. And I'm totally OK with that obsessive compulsive disorder I harbor. The camera brings me crazy elation. The best part of it all though is the ability to capture and freeze a moment in time. Love, love, love that part. I like to say that "photography is the way in which a camera can breathe life into a moment that technically and realistically is deceased forever." Being able to stop time can empower even the weakest of imaginations and charge up the most stagnant of creative genes. I'd be thrilled to breathe life into the moments within your life that matter the most.

What I love?
I love my family, my parents, my friends. I love the beach with all of my heart. It's my most favorite place to be on this earth. The smell of the ocean and the sound of the crashing waves make my heart skip a beat. I love the sugaring of my toes when I walk through the sand. I love flip flops, sour watermelon candies, and anything involving chocolate and peanut butter together. I love the sun, a fierce golden sun tan, and the smell of chlorine and fresh cut grass in the summer. I love designing whether it be my clothing line, my newest jewelry design, or just simply decorating our home. I love the art of design and all that it entails. I love cake batter ice cream with cookie dough crumbles in it. I laugh loudly but I'm a big sap and also cry very easily. I'm a huge fan of cupcakes - chocolate ones. I also love cotton candy. I love blaring music with the windows down in my car and the sunroof rolled open. I love the smell of my kids when I snuggle with them and the smell of my husband as he leaves for the office each morning. I love my Moms fried chicken, my step-moms burritos, and my mother in laws meat loaf. I love food! Have you figured that part out yet? In the end though, what I love the most is my relationship with my Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ. I love being a Christ follower. I love having a friend in him during the good times and the bad. I love life!

Who I am...
I am a wife of 15 plus years, a mother of two children, a daughter, a daughter in law, a friend, and a Christian. I am a photographer, a clothing and jewelry designer, and a interior decorator by nature. I'm a teacher of all of those things. I am a full time blogger, a loyal individual, and a fan of the sea. I am a lover and a fighter. I'm controlling at times yet very vulnerable as well. I'm the mother to a special needs & epileptic child. And...I am one who loves life and attempts to cherish every second within it. Thus, where photography comes in.